So I am fundraising for lumos. Which is a charity founded by JK Rowling.

It’s aim is to eliminate the so called ‘orphanages’ as found in places such as Romania, Bulgaria.

Please support me on my fundraising journey.



Britain-A poem

If you asked people about Britain, what would they say?
Will they talk about the weather, the downpour of rain
Will they talk about the Royal Family. The Queen
Will they talk about London, and all the tourist things 
which they've seen

If you asked people about Britain,What would they say?
Will they talk about afternoon tea, all the cakes on the tray
Will the talk about the British consumption of tea
Will they talk about The Beatles, how they just let it be?

This isn't what britains means to me
It means being who you want to be, to be free
Yes we have a goverements, rules to follow
Yet if we did it all time we shall be shallow.
Britain is tradition, we have set special days
we have customs, but in whole everyone does things their way
Not every Britain drinks tea or have cakes in the afternoon
People are so quick to assume
Not every Britain likes the Beatles or the Who
Not every Britain has travelled on the tube

University-A poem

University is a place to follow your dreams
Even though it is not all what it seems
The place where you have to was your own socks
Working out how your door unlocks

Students going out on night outs
Coming back,drunking talks. Sometimes shouts
But working hard to a get a two-one or a first
Suffering from homesickness, which is the worse

The most important thing is having fun,making friends
And remember you get to graduate
So it's all worth it in the end.


A winkle in time

So recently I read the book ‘A winke in time’.

Admitedly I wasn’t certain if I would enjoy such a book.

However this book was such a good book and one of the best ones I have read.

Brief synopsis of this book-

This book focuses on a girl called Meg and her family. Their father has gone missing and it takes her and her youngest brother Charles Wallace, and a boy they meet Calvin to find him. With the help of characters such as Mrs Who, Mrs Which and Mrs whatsit.

If you like sci fi. Or you just want to read a different genre all together. Then this book is for you.

Call the midwife

So I have just finished Call the midwife (The book). I am such a fan of the show so I decided to read the book. The first series of the TV programme is primary based on the book, so I found it easy to relate to the episodes and the characters.

What I found with the book is that it goes deeper into the characters. For example the character of Sister Monica Jones. Who I have to admit I have grown to admire. With the thought that she did what she wanted to do, and believed in her calling to go for it, even though her family disapproved of it.

The book also explained many of the medical terminology in relation to pregnancy and neonatal care. This I found really interesting.

Some of the people’s stories mentioned within this book, both saddened me, for example Mary the irish girl whose baby was taken off her because they thought she couldn’t take care of her. The heart ache of her life also saddened me and the circumstances which she was in. Some of the people stories however made me rejoice for example Mrs Warren and her premature baby and the love she gave to it, which in turn saved it.

Medicine and the health care has also come a long way, however as argued in some cases in this book not always in a beneficial way. For example the over use of antibiotics. A miracle cure in the era this book was written.

Reading this book has also made me realise how majority of us live in a life of luxury and comfort, compared with the East end slums of the 1950’s. We don’t have to share a toilet with the other people in our streets. We don’t have the dangers of the bomb site to deal with. This has therefore made me appreciate what I have.

I therefore would urge anyone to read this. It doesn’t matter if you a fan of the show or if you haven’t seen it before. If you want to read an honest, interesting book.



Favorite book ever

So I’ve read lot of books, and as every book has their good bits about them and bad bits about them, I have been thinking what is my favorite book ever, and to be honest there are so many books which are my favorite and which I love, and books which I feel have changed my view and opinion about life and the world we are live in, that it is impossible to define what is my favorite book.

But if I had to choose a favorite book of all time it has to be little women. Not only is it a brilliant story, with brilliant characters. I can also relate to the four main characters, in particular Beth. For I too is sensitive and musical.

So I was wondering what is everybody else’s favorite book and why?